Away We go

Taking the Pain out of Planning



Traveling with friends is fun, planning a trip with friends is not.


Away We Go is an app that guides users through the process of planning a trip with friends. And it's fun too!


User research, sketching, usability testing and prototyping influenced design decisions.



2 months in spring 2015


Pen and Paper, Google Forms, Post-Its, Card Sorting, Adobe Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Adobe Photoshop, InVision


UX Designer and Researcher


Content Strategy, User Research, User Journey Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping


interviews and personas

I began by creating a survey asking participants about their travel experiences and preferences. I received 40 responses and conducted five in depth interviews, asking specific questions regarding original responses. This process led to four primary personas.


sketching and user flows

From these personas, I began to think about the must-have features, the overall design of the app and navigation, which brought me to an initial user flow diagram.

The process of sketching screens for this user flow, showed low fidelity wireframes to users to get feedback on design decisions.

sketching 3.jpg

After talking to users and thinking back to my personas, I realized that with this flow, there were some bottlenecks that users weren't able to overcome. So I revised and came up with the following user flow.

This made more sense because users could plan their whole trip out before inviting friends. This was different than what I expected because the whole point of the app was to encourage people to travel with friends, but I knew from my research that when too many people get involved too early it becomes difficult to make any progress. So I added a social element where users could save favorite trips and invite friends to them at a later time.






next steps

Once more research and testing is completed, I will begin to build out this app.