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Away We Go


Away We Go

Taking the pain out of planning


UX Designer and Researcher


2 months in spring 2015


Content Strategy, User Research, User Journey Mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping


Pen and Paper, Google Forms, Post-Its, Card Sorting, Adobe Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Adobe Photoshop, InVision



Traveling with friends is fun, planning a trip with friends is not.


Away We Go is an app that guides users through the process of planning a trip with friends. And it's fun too!


I saw an opportunity when I was planning a bachelorette party. I noticed that people are flakey, money is always awkward and it’s a challenge to find activities that everyone agrees on. Using a human centered design approach, I began to identify trends in user behaviors, sketch flows, create a content strategy and prototype possible solutions.



In order to narrow in on this broad problem and identify specific pain points and opportunities, I began with general research. I sent a survey to better understand travel experiences and preferences and received back 40+ responses. From these, I conducted five more in depth interviews. This process led to four primary personas.



From these personas, I decided on the must-have features, the overall design of the app and navigation.


User Flows

I quickly iterated on a couple user flows and how to create a hierarchy of information.


I started at the beginning with the user onboarding flow, wireframing out those screens with some content to try to better describe the problem this app was solving.

Next Steps

This was a passion project that helped teach me a process for designing digital products. Through this case study I became more familiar with the tools and methods that are used. Next steps include making some finishing touches, finding a PM and launching this product!