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Dress Rental App

In this design exercise, I practiced my design skills by identifying a problem and thinking through an experience that might begin to solve that problem.


Peer to peer dress rentals

An easy way to share your closet with your neighbors



UX Designer

Project Duration

1 week in spring 2015


Pen and Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, InVision



A closet full of dresses that have been worn over and over again and a neighbor nearby in search of the perfect dress.


To create a marketplace where your closet doesn’t end in your bedroom, it extends into your entire neighborhood.


Brainstorming: interaction flows

Drawing inspiration from the success of Tinder’s swiping interaction, I started by sketching out this interaction as a way to quickly search through lots of dresses.


Brainstorming: personas

I quickly sketched up some potential personas, identifying what they might be hoping to get from an experience like this, such as location, brand, or cost.


User flows: marketplace

Through mapping out the user flows, I realized that this app is a marketplace. After logging in, the user would declare which side of the marketplace s/he was going to experience that session—either a borrower or a lender. I focused primarily on the borrower flow and how s/he would browse.


Wireframes: filtering

Based on my user flow sketches, I decided to spend time on the filtering feature because this was likely the way users would convert—if s/he found the dress s/he wanted to find, it would result in a higher conversion rate. Top filters that I thought of based on the sketched personas were proximity to the dress (location) and cost.


Next steps

This was a quick exercise to become more familiar with digital tools like Sketch and InVision. If I were to take next steps they would involve more testing to validate the opportunity and value as well as iterating on the designs (everything from the navigation, architecture, and interactions) to make sure I was creating something that delighted users.