peer to peer dress rental app

An easy way to share your closet with your neighbors


A closet full of dresses that have been worn over and over again.


Extend your closet into your entire neighborhood.


Research, sketching and prototyping.


Project Duration

1 week sprint in spring 2015


UX Designer


Pen and Paper, Adobe Illustrator, Omnigraffle, Adobe Photoshop, InVision


User journey mapping, Wireframing, Prototyping



I started brainstorming by thinking about common user interactions and the success of Tinder, swiping to select. I realized this could be a good way to search through lots of dresses to determine the best fit. As I thought about the personas, I realized that location was the number one pain point, the user wants to borrow a dress from someone nearby. So I began to plan journeys around those factors. 


User flows

The app has two main uses, the borrower and the lender. This phase of the project focused on the borrower and how s/he would browse for dresses.



I was very interested in the filtering feature because I thought this was likely to be the way users would convert—if they found the exact dress they wanted to find, so making this experience easy was very important. I knew that location was a very important factor so wanted that to be a filter near the top of the page. Also based on the persona development, I knew cost was another important factor.




Next steps

While this was done as a quick design sprint and was never built, I would be interested in doing additional usability testing to see if the mapped journey would be an enjoyable experience for the target audience.