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Snapchat GIFs

A fun project showing a new way of using the Snapchat facial recognition filters

Snapchat GIFs


When Snapchat first came out with the lenses feature, I was obsessed. I spent a few days in February 2016 designing a way to share the amazing lens creations with my friends who weren’t on Snapchat. I solved this problem with a Snapchat keyboard.


UX Designer


How Might We…

…Share silly GIFs with friends who don’t use Snapchat?


I realized the easiest (and fastest) way to send these videos to friends over iMessage was the convert the file to a GIF. I added a simple step in the Snapchat download process, giving the user a choice to save the Snapchat as a video or as a GIF.


This process does not interrupt the already established Snapchat user flow. When GIF is chosen, the GIF is saved and added to the Snapchat keyboard. When the user opens a messaging app, they can switch to the Snapchat keyboard and send the GIF to anyone.


This project was just for fun and is not affiliated with Snapchat.