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Snapchat GIFs

A fun project showing a new way of using the Snapchat facial recognition filters


Snapchat GIF(T)s

Exploring a new feature for Snapchat



UX Designer

Project Duration

A few days in February 2016


This project is not affiliated with Snapchat, it’s a project I worked on for fun using the Snapchat lenses feature.



I love Snapchat. However, many of my friends and family aren't on Snapchat. How can I barf rainbow for my cousin if she forgets she has the Snapchat app installed? 


Add a feature to Snapchat that allows users to download the video as a GIF to a Snapchat GIF keyboard. 



FASCINATION: Getting to know the lenses feature

I began my creative process through pure fascination with these facial recognition filters. I wanted an easy way to send them outside of Snapchat, to share the joy of the filters in everyday conversation. 


I added a simple step in the download process, giving the user a choice to save the Snapchat as a video or as a GIF. This process does not interrupt the already established user flow. When GIF is chosen, the GIF is saved into a new app, the Snapchat keyboard app. 


The Snapchat keyboard app is a collection of all the GIFs downloaded from Snapchat and can be used as an alternate keyboard.